For the year ended 31st March 2012


Annual Return 2011/12

Thank you for your assistance in enabling us to perform the audit of the above for Cotgrave Town Council.  An unqualified audit opinion has been given.

Matters Arising

The name of your council has not been entering at the top section 4; prior to displaying the Annual Return can you please enter the name at the top of Section 4.

I also note your comments on the Asset Register relating to the valuation of Assets, please be aware that where original cost is not available a value should be set and then retained at the level for the rest of the asset's life.  In your case, if you have not been able to switch to original costs by next year's audit, please keep the asset values at those set for the 2012 audit.

Please remember to advertise the closure of the audit and forward a copy of the closure notice to us.

Finally, we have  pleasure in enclosing our fee note at the rate agreed with the Audit Commission.

Yours sincerely


S Atkins
Clement Keys
Chartered Accountants