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Cotgrave's Town Plan

Click here to view Cotgrave's Town Plan

Town Plan – An Update – 6th March 2009

Our 2 year funding from Coalfields Regeneration Trust finished in March 2008. From then to January
2009 there was no dedicated Town Plan Officer. Gina Hudspeth was appointed on 12th January 2009
and she can focus on the Town Plan for 1 day per week.

The Plan is a live project – constantly evolving, we intend to run the next Town Plan for 3-4 years.
We are currently in the same position as we were 12 months ago, ready to meet with our Partners,
which from our last meeting we collated an outline of the Plan, this now needs updating.

Things that have happened in Cotgrave over the last 12 months:-

  • The Children’s Centre ran consultation for a Toy Library in Cotgrave
  • Nottingham Credit Union has been set up and is thriving.
  • Cotgrave Library has been refurbished
  • Successful bid to part fund refurbishment of Broadmeer Park
  • The bid for the tennis course was unsuccessful, but the bid did get to the final of a national competition,
    that was over subscribed 10 fold. We are currently looking at other options for funding for this project.
  • Serendipitys – providing a new nursery service in Cotgrave, based at Cotgrave Futures in the same area
    as Kids Club and Little Kites (who both have moved to new accommodation within the school)
  • New Police Station – being upgraded from a contact point to a fully operational Police Station.
    This will mean that the Police will be based in Cotgrave as the Police Station will be their HQ for this area.
  • Cotgrave Allotments Association is currently developing links with the local schools.
  • FOCCP are in consultation with reference to suitable development of the Country Park.
  • There are some questions which we hope to put to our partner and anyone wishing to respond should do
    so by email to:

    Town Plan

    Why do you think we have a Town Plan?
    What do you think about the Town Plan?
    Have you read the Town Plan?
    What do you think might be in the Town Plan?

    Cotgrave Re-United

    Would you like to promote and help establish a Youth Forum?
    Do you Cotgrave is a cohesive community? If not why do think this is? Do you have any
    suggestions on how we can make Cotgrave a cohesive community?
    Do you think the youth would benefit from a youth page of the Town Council’s Website and
    a youth section in Cotgrave Connections?
    Are there any activities from the past that you would like to revive? e.g. Carnival
    What suggestions could you offer for developing inter-generational bridge building activities?

    Security and Confidence

    How can we get the youth involved in play development projects?
    Develop Contact Point – the Police Station is currently undergoing work which will enable the Police Station to become fully operational and be the HQ for the local police in this area. CTC is no longer sharing the premises as Police require all premises and therefore CTC is not contributing financially.
    How can we improve domestic violence awareness?
    How can we improve support for drug and alcohol users?

    Taking Pride in Cotgrave

    Which aspects of Cotgrave are you proud of?
    How do you think we could bring back pride into the Community of Cotgrave?
    How do you think we could reduce the number of residents referred to Social Services?

    Promoting Regeneration

    Why is the SureStart Children’s Centre concentrating on an area which is larger than Cotgrave?
    How could we increase the usage of Cotgrave Country Park?
    What suggestions would you have for the development of the Country Park as a Community Asset?

    If you would like to respond to these questions, please feel free to send your responses to
    Gina Hudspeth, Cotgrave Town Council, The Enterprise Centre, Woodview, Cotgrave, Nottingham,
    NG12 3PF or via email to:


    Cotgrave Town Plan II: Latest Developments

    Following the Cotgrave Partners Event at the beginning of this year and the progress update in June
    we were hoping to be in a position to invite all our partners to a second event expected to take place
    about now. Unfortunately we have not yet reached that stage.

    What we have done is to formally adopt a revised Town Plan, now known as Town Plan II. The new
    Plan continues with the ethos and many of the themes of our original plan and follows the format and
    content of the draft plan we worked with at the Partners Event.

    In addition we have developed a draft Action Plan based on all of the inputs we received at the event.
    We had hoped by now to be asking Partners to join us for a second event to work through and validate
    the draft action plan.

    The difficulties are all to do with resources. As most of you will know for Town Plan 1 we had generous
    funding from the Coalfield Regeneration Trust enabling us to appoint an additional person to the Town
    Council team; a person dedicated to the Plan. We have not been able to identify repeat funding. The
    outcome is that we intend to move forward with the Plan integrated into the council team and shared
    across staff members.

    With a full team we would be seeking to arrange our second event but we have lost the services of one
    of our members of staff and need to fill the vacancy before we are able to move forward significantly.
    Our recruitment process aims to deliver someone in place at the earliest opportunity but we recognise
    that may not be until late November or even early December. The Christmas period is always problematic
    for arranging events and we feel it would be better to hold our event after Christmas; may be late
    January or more likely early February. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity to seek mutually
    agreeable dates. Meanwhile we will continue to move forward with areas of the Plan, albeit slower than
    we would wish.

    Thank you for your patience and valuable input to date. The last event brought really positive responses
    and I hope we can repeat or may be better that. We look forward to an early opportunity to meet in the
    near future.

    Town Plan Progress

    The last four months have seen a number of developments:-

    • Tennis Courts to the rear of Futures:
      Funding was secured from the Rushcliffe Crime and Disorder Partnership to make the tennis courts safe and
      reopen them to the public.  Work is still ongoing to develop a multi-use games area on the site.
      Consultation on redevelopment has occurred at a number of events, through consultation boxes in key
      locations in Cotgrave and at the local schools.  The Youth Forum, Methodist Youth Group and Children's
      Centre have also been involved.  A big thank you to everyone who has commented!
      Contractors have been invited to provide quotations and a funding bid has been submitted to WREN,
      fingers crossed, will allow redevelopment of the site to occur.
    • Youth People and the Country Park:
      The Friends of Cotgrave Country Park Group is identifying play options for the Park.  Nottinghamshire
      Youth Services have also expressed an interest in building some equipment. It is hoped that these two
      projects come together in the future to deliver improved activities for young people within the Park.
    • Town Plan Partners' Event:
      On the 30th January a Town Plan Partners' Event was held.  All local agencies were invited to attend,
      review the successes of the Plan to date, and explain future plans for Cotgrave.  The event was very
      positive and partners demonstrated their commitment and enthusiasm to delivering benefits for the town
    • Cotgrave: Your Ideas, Your Future:
      The successes of the Town Plan to date; along with proposals for the future plans for Cotgrave, were
      showcased.  In addition, a number of partners had stands providing information about the services
      they offered in the Town.  Those residents who attended provided valuable and high quality feedback.

    Cessation of Funding

    The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has generously funded the Town Plan project for the past two years.  This funding
    has now ceased, so there will no longer be a dedicated Town Plan Officer.  The objectives of the Plan will continue
    to be progressed as part of the Town Council's core business.

    The Future

    Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire, who filled the support post at the beginning of 2008, will continue to provide
    support for the projects which have already been instigated, including leisure provision to the rear of Futures and supporting
    the Friends of Cotgrave Country Park. RCAN will continue to provide support as requested by community groups in Cotgrave.






    • What is a Town Plan?

     It is a plan for the future of Cotgrave over the next 5-10 years.  The Plan has been
    developed by the community, after research and consultation.   It is a strategic plan,
    but also an action plan, with practical results.

    • Why do one?

    It provides the evidence to the Town Council, the Borough Council, the County Council
    and funding bodies of what is needed, how much it is needed, and what we are
    prepared to do in order to ensure it is set up in Cotgrave.

    The Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) has given a grant of £62,180 towards
    its implementation.






    The latest draft (09) is as follows:-


    The Action Plan Layout

    This document lists the issues raised by various consultation exercises during 2004
    and action-planning with partners in 2005 under the following column headings.






    Results of actions to deal with issues
    identified by community consultation
    Description of action required Identified time period to action Explanatory notes Definite Partners

    The Outcomes and Actions are listed under the following headings

    Cotgrave Reunited
    Security and Confidence
    Taking Pride in Cotgrave
    Promote Regeneration
    Work with the Assets
    Build capacity to Support the Plan

    Acronym Key

    The following abbreviations are used:


    Cotgrave Town Council


    Rushcliffe Primary Care Trust


    Nottinghamshire County Council


    Rural Transport Partnership Officer


    Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council


    Rushcliffe Youth Action Network


    Nottinghamshire Police


    Rushcliffe Youth Assembly


    Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People


    Rushcliffe Council of Voluntary Service


    Rushcliffe Borough Council


    Eco Teams

    NCC, Yinc

    Youth Inclusion Team


    Cotgrave Welfare scheme



    Cotgrave Futures

    1. Cotgrave Reunited


    Action needed




    1) Liaise and assist to establish a Youth forum

    Sept 06   RBC/RYA


    2) Identify other additional mechanisms to promote youth voice     NCC/RCVS/RYA

    3) Establish a Residents Voice Group to provide an
    effective mechanism across the Cotgrave community

    April 06

    April 07


    Roll out


    4) Identify and promote sharing of best practices
    within community groups

    March 06

    October 06




    1) Prepare and run a communications/ vision
    building workshop for the community

    March 06

    February 07




    RBC/ Young Potential

    2) Identify and develop community network to
    raise the profile of youth activities through positive
    press. Monitor ongoing success.

    June 06

    March 07




    3) Identify and evaluate inter generation bridge
    building opportunities

    December 07 Prepare



    1) Re-establish community events
    (e.g. Gala/Carnival)

    Summer 06  

    2) Encourage and promote new events

    July 07  

    3) Promote agency led Family Support Groups
    (encourage delivery of Parenting courses).
    Establish development of a community led
    Parent Support Group

    September 06   RCVS/RPCT/YI

    4) Promote and support Parents in Action initiatives

    March 06 Repeat Y2 Youth Inclusion

    5) Establish a mentoring scheme across generations

    RBC/Young Potential

    2) Research and establish schemes and trips for the disadvantaged.

    Research June 07   NCC

    2. Security and Confidence


    Action needed




    1) Work to establish closer relationships with the Police

    June 06 ongoing

    2) Liaise with Police to upgrade existing police premises

    July 07 ongoing

    3) Liaise with Police to establish central manned CCTV display

    March 06 ongoing

    4) Promote crime reporting & develop Neighbourhood Watch

    June 07  

    1) Liaise with police on deployment to establish positive presence

    December 06  

    2) Seek to establish targeted outreach youth work (see section 5b)

    December 07  

    3) Improve after school transport to ease access to school activities

    March 07   NCC

    1) Redevelop Tennis courts to provide multi games play area.

    December 06    

    2) Study feasibility of boxing club via activity sessions at Leisure centre

    March 06   RBC

    3) Seek to introduce a range of new activities for all age groups.

    April 07   RBC

    4) Support development of existing clubs

    December 06 Liaise/assist NCC

    5) Seek to develop new groups (explore expressions of interest from Air Cadets/Army Cadets as examples)

    December 06   Action CTC

    6) Support specific provision for girls and young women research and develop new opportunities.

    December 06   NCC

    1) Reopen and develop youth spaces, e.g. Ring Leas park and the Community Field

    March 06   Action CTC

    2) Involve local schools in play area development projects

    March 06    
    e) Reduced traffic congestion problems at peak time

    1) Review and discuss with NCC Highways, keep traffic levels and flow under consideration.

    ongoing   NCC
    f) Improved access in town centre

    1) Advise and liaise with NCC about difficulties people with disabilities and young families have in Cotgrave particularly with road crossings

    June 07   NCC

    3. Taking a Pride in Cotgrave


    Action needed


    Comment Partners

    1) Develop schemes e.g. "Cotgrave in Bloom",
    "REACT 21" Tree Warden

    Sept 07 Tree Wardens in
    place Oct 05

    2) Identify/evaluate other schemes, liaise with
    residents to introduce

    July 07   RBC/ECOT

    1) Investigate and identify ownership

    July 07   RH/RBC

    2) Liaise to improve security, management &

    October 07   RH/RBC

    3) Seek support within the community to assist

    October 07    
    c) Reduced number of anti social behaviour hotspot sites

    1) Liaise with and Support RH
    initiatives to improve communal
    garages areas and investigate
    alternative use

    April 06   RH

    1) Liaise to ensure adequate provision

    February 06   ECOT

    2) Establish community monitor to ensure regular
    nd adequate servicing

    June 06   Action CTC

    1) Liaise on improvements with RBC, seek
    environmental improvement grants at shopping

    June 07   RBC

    2) Seek community support for 21st Century Town


    3) Evaluate potential for market at shopping

    October 07   Action CTC

    4) Promote new events at the shopping centre


    5) Monitor and develop the environment at
    West Furlong


    4. Promote Regeneration


    Action needed




    a) Increased provision of local work opportunities

    1) Promote and seek maximum use of
    employment sites to bring jobs to the area.

    December 06 Ongoing action RBC

    1) Liaise with agencies/schools to focus
    on this problem

    December 06 Ongoing action NCC/NCC (Youth Inclusion)/ECOT

    2) Encourage training to be delivered in

    December 06   NCC/RBC

    1) Establish facts

    December 06  

    2) Consider policies, seek to mitigate
    effect of allocation

    June 07  
    d) Understanding of the causes of high social
    housing turnover

    1) Research and seek to minimise impact
    of housing allocation

    December 06   RBC/RH

    1) Identify the need for a range of

    2) Review housing need survey

    3) Encourage growth in small clusters

    f) Houses to meet the needs of the residents

    1) Research the reasons for overcrowding (as
    identified by NCC needs survey)

    December 06   RBC/RH

    1) Carry out further research with the PCT


    2) Liaise and support future appropriate

    h) Reduced levels of domestic violence

    1) Research problem and identify actions.

    February 07   NP/RBC/RPCT
    i) Improved access to social services

    1) Work to ensure planned family centre provides
    tailored services to families in Cotgrave

    December 06 Ongoing action Action CTC
    j) Improved understanding of child development
    issues in Cotgrave

    1) Work with PCT to promote and support actions

    February 07   RPCT/NCC (Youth Inclusion)

    1) Research current status, obtain advice/

    July 06  

    2) Publicise available services

    December 06 Ongoing action

    5. Work with the Assets


    Action needed




    1) Work to develop more tailor made
    activities for off peak times

    June 07    

    2) Encourage enhanced tailored training
    for Leisure Centre staff

    June 07    

    1) Support adoption of new constitution
    and service level agreement

    June 06  

    2) Support development of comprehensive
    plan including identification of appropriate
    premises, review of community and worker
    safety aspects and the balance of indoor
    and outreach services.

    June 06  

    3) Seek increased youth worker provision to
    support more nights, wider age range and
    expand youth activities

    October 06   NCC/RYA

    4) Recruit and arrange training for volunteers
    to support longer opening

    December 06   NCC/RYA

    1) Review role in the community

    December 06

    2) Liaise to maximise use of the facilities

    d) Cotgrave Welfare provides increased benefit to
    the community

    1) Promote existing and encourage
    development and hosting of new
    cross community activities

    October 06 Action CTC

    1) Encourage partnership

    2) Ensure development of facilities takes
    account of those existing

    3) Use results of planned consultation day

    1) Consult Cotgrave residents on options

    2) In parallel identify alternative site and
    potential funding

    5. Work with the Assets (cont)


    Action needed




    1) Develop promotional strategy with tenants
    and association committee


    2) Investigate alternative use of unproductive
    allotment land


    1) Investigate and plan for a path on
    Owthorpe road to the woods

    May 07  

    2) Investigate and plan for a path on Plumtree
    road to the parish boundary


    3) Liaise with Tollerton PC on path development


    1) Discuss with FCCP, seek to develop pit site,
    access and car parking


    2) Promote development of Park based
    community activities


    3) Monitor developments for the use of the
    Pit Head Site

    4) Liaise to improve footpath access in
    conjunction with possible development
    of new RBC depot

    1) Initiate discussions with present owners
    as to potential use


    2) Seek to develop access management


    6. Build Capacity to Support the Plan


    Action needed




    Seek funding to employ support worker to
    implement the Plan
    Mar/Aug 05   RBC
    Recruit worker at earliest opportunity Target Jan 06   RBC
    b) There is an ongoing partnership with community
    and agencies to deliver the Plan
    Identify and liase with all identified and potential Partners to
    establish effective ongoing framework. Plan Agency and Public
    meetings to inform and confirm support.
    Events through Summer 06   Action CTC


    The Town Plan Committee is chaired by Pat Walsh, the minutes can be
    read at Minutes

    You can contact them through the Town Council on : 0115 989 3876

     Town Plan Mission Statement 

    “Cotgrave, a cohesive community, increasingly vibrant, based on mutual understanding 
    and respect, where people
    feel valued and safe."

     Town Plan Manager

     A Town Plan Manager funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) for up to two
    years has now been appointed to oversee the implementation of the Plan. Julian Stocks
    joined the Town Council on the 13th March 2005 after spending the last 7 years working
    for a multi-agency Partnership tackling anti-social behaviour and youth disaffection in
    former coalming communities in the North of the County.


    If you have any comments on the Town Plan, or you have any ideas for Projects,
    you need any help in applying for funding for a Project or you would simply like to
    volunteer for any of the activities in the Plan (see ECO Teams later in this section)
    then Julian would be delighted to hear from you! He is based at Cotgrave Futures
    and can be contacted on 0115 989 1708, mobile 0796 1911165 or by email at

     If you want to become more directly involved in the implementation of the Town Plan, you
    might want to think about; 

    attending the Cotgrave Community Forum where the town plan is discussed regularly. The
    Forum meeting dates are
    June 21st 2006, September 13th 2006, November 22nd 2006
    and March 21st 2007 in the Enterprise Centre.
    • attending a Town Plan Committee meeting – at which members of the public are
      welcome and can participate in at the Chairman`s discretion. The Committee
      meets at Cotgrave Futures and meetings start at  9:30am. Dates of
      future meetings
      are June 9th 2006, Sept 8th 2006,
      November 3rd 2006, January 12th 2007, February
      23rd 2007 and April 27th 2007.

    My Cotgrave

     Around 40 local residents including 15 Young People came together on Saturday
    18th March 2006 to take photographs of the best (and sometimes the worst!) of what
    Cotgrave has to offer. Under the banner of “My Cotgrave”, 24 teams took out disposable
    cameras for the day and took over 500 photographs! These were subsequently developed
    and exhibited at the Town Plan Launch on the 5th April 2006 (see details) below. The
    best of the photographs, voted by Cotgrave Residents attending the Launch Event,
    will be included in the published version of the Town Plan which will be available in June. 

    Thanks go to Rushcliffe Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership for funding
    the event and to; Cotgrave Town Council, Rushcliffe CVS, Rushcliffe Anti-Social
    Behaviour Co-Ordinator, Nottinghamshire County Council Community
    Development Team and Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council for their
    sterling work in ensuring that the day was such a great success.

     Town Plan Launch Event 

    Wednesday 5th April saw the launch of the latest version of the Town Plan. Local Residents
    including at least 12 young people attended an exhibition of the photographs taken during the
    “My Cotgrave” event. They also took the opportunity to comment on the initiatives and activities
    set out in the Plan (displayed on the walls) by sticking coloured notes with their comments on
    against relevant bits of the Plan. Comments ranged from ‘All in all, the plan is excellent – if I
    stuck a note next to each welcome bit, the walls would be orange’
    to ‘How do we tackle culture
    of fear? Wider problem than just Cotgrave, but one that needs tackling all the same.’
    Look out
    for the final published version of the plan which will be ready before the end of June. 

    Once more thanks go to Cotgrave Town Council, Rushcliffe CVS, Rushcliffe Anti-Social
    Behaviour Co-Ordinator, Nottinghamshire County Council Community Development Team and
    Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council for their help in staging and running the event.

     Young Potential

    Young Potential provides challenging personal development programmes in their
    local community for up to 20 young people aged between 13 and 19. A number of
    Cotgrave Young People have signed up for the current programme.
    It has brought
    together a partnership within the community, recruited and trained 9 volunteers as
    Mentors and will work for up to 1 year with the young people. Each course includes
    an intensive residential phase designed to challenge the young people to address
    their choices and actions, followed by community based follow up sessions that
    enhance the ability of the young people to effect changes in their lives. The Cotgrave
    Programme residential event ran at a location near Ashbourne over the week
    commencing 10th April 2006 and concluded in a “homecoming event” at Cotgrave
    Welfare on Friday 14th April 2006.

    Every young person on the Cotgrave programme has the benefit of support from a trained
    volunteer Coach/Mentor, either on a one-to-one basis or a one-to-two dependent on the
    numbers of volunteers and the needs of the young person. The role of the Coach/Mentor is
    to provide a stable and consistent relationship with the young person throughout the
    programme. This includes supporting them to attend programme sessions and coaching
    on achieving personal goals and action steps. Coach/Mentors have at least one face-to-face
    meeting plus one telephone call with their allocated young person/s each week. A
    residential event for the Volunteer Coach/Mentors was also held over the weekend of the
    25th and 26th March 2006.

    If you want to know more about the work of Young Potential, or if you want to volunteer
    as a Coach/Mentor, visit the Young Potential website at
    or call Cath Evans on 07830 253830.

     ECO Teams 

    Global Action Plan, is an environmental charity planning to lead an innovative project in
    Cotgrave.  The project, called “EcoTeams”, encourages and supports the first steps
    necessary for individuals, households or groups to lower their ‘ecofootprint’ and lead
    more sustainable lives.

     Serious environmental issues like climate change, pollution and what to do with rubbish
    can seem daunting issues for individuals to tackle.  However, the EcoTeams project
    hows how individuals can make measurable differences and is built upon a few simple

    ·         No one can do everything, but we can all can do something;

    ·         The work is shared by a group so that members can support and encourage
    one another and share experiences and ideas;

    ·         It's a step-by-step process that helps you to change your lifestyle by small
    adjustments that become good habits;

    ·         By measuring resource use, improvements can be monitored during the
    course of the programme.

     An EcoTeam is formed when a group of around 6 households joins together to meet
    once a month (for four months) with a Global Action Plan EcoTeam Coach. 
    At each meeting topics are discussed with practical ways to reduce a household’s
    environmental impact. Also during the four months, each household undertakes to

    monitor their consumption of energy and output of rubbish and recycling.  After the
    scheme, EcoTeamers feel more confident in undertaking the small, practical steps
    that reduce our environmental impact and as a bonus also tend to have reduced
    domestic bills! 
    The project is delivered free – including all coaching and materials!  

    An initial meeting will be set up where the project is explained in more detail and
    households can ask  questions before deciding to join the project. 
    If you want to
    do your bit for the environment, then volunteer your household for the EcoTeams
    initiative by contacting Adrian Williams, tel: (0115) 9178080, mobile 07717 870336 or
    email You can also visit the Global Action
    Plan website at



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